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This PowerShell script collects virtual machine information from a VMM server 2012 r2  and generates an HTML
report, displaying detailed configuration information for all virtual machines managed by the server: configuration
summary, network configuration and storage configuration.

Thursday, 31 December 2015 10:45

Office 365 port requirements

TCP 443 - 0365 Portal, Outlook, OWA, Sharepoint Online, Lync client, ADFS Federation / Proxy 
TCP 80/443  - Azure AD Syn Tool, Mail Migration Tool, Exchange
TCP 25 - Mail Routing
TCP 587 - SMTP Relay
TCP 143/993 - IMAP Simple Migration Tool
TCP 995 - POP3(S)
TCP 5223 - Lync Mobile client push notifications
PSOM/TLS 443 - Lync Online Outbound Data Sharing
STUN/TCP 443 -  Lync Online Outbound audio, video, app sharing
STUN/UDP 3478 - Lync Online Outbound audio and video sessions
UDP 20000-45000 - Lync to Phone Outbound
UDP 50000-59000 - Lync Outbound audio and video sessions


With the following vbs script we achive to remove pst references form the outlook profile. To use, copy the code below and paste it into Notepad. Save the file with a vbs extension. 

On Error Resume Next
Dim objOutlook 'As Outlook.Application
Dim Stores     'As Outlook.Stores
Dim objFolder  'As Outlook.Folder
Dim i          'As Integer
Set objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
Set Stores = objOutlook.Session.Stores
For i =  Stores.Count to 0 step -1
If Stores(i).ExchangeStoreType = 3 Then
   Set objFolder = Stores(i).GetRootFolder
   objOutlook.Session.RemoveStore objFolder
End If




Monday, 28 December 2015 00:00

Office 365 Plans


Office 365 service family Plans
Business maximum 300 users

Office 365 essentials
Office 365 business
Office 365 business plus

Enterprise unlimited number of users

Office 365 entrprise E1
Office 365 entrprise E3
Office 365 entrprise E4
Office 365 entrprise K1

Education unlimited number of users

Office 365 education E1
Office 365 education E3
Office 365 education E4

Government unlimited number of users

Office 365 government E1
Office 365 government E3





One of the great features of windows 2012 is volume deduplication. It used for file servers mostly and it is not permitted for c:\ drive.

Install deduplication from Server Manager

The procedure is as follows: From Server manager, add Roles and Features Wizard, under Server Roles, select File and Storage Services (Picture 1)

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