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Tuesday, 27 November 2012 00:00

High available DHCP in Windows 2012

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In this tutorial we will configure highly available DHCP in windows 2012 operating system using the two servers DC01 and DC02 with IP &

Deploy in DC01 and DC02 DHCP feature

In this step, we will deploy new DHCP services to DC01 and DC02.

In DC01 server, Windows PowerShell, we type the following command, and then press ENTER (Picture 1)  #Invoke-Command  –ScriptBlock {Get-WindowsFeature *DHCP* | Install-WindowsFeature}

Picture 1: Install DHCP feature with the use of PowerShell

We do the same thing in the other server DC02. We go to DHCP post-install configuration wizard and authorize server DC01 (Picture 2)

Picture 2: Authorize server

Repeat this procedure to add and authorize DC02. After the authorization will do restart both of servers.

Configure a DHCP scope on DC01 and DC02

In this step, you will deploy a DHCP scope on DC01. In the DCHP console, IPv4 we click new scope (Picture 3).

Picture 3: Install new scope

In Name, we type Fault tolerant (Picture 4), and then click Next.

Picture 4: Type name

In Start IP Address, we type and the End IP Address, we type (Picture 5) and then click Next.

Picture 5: The range of addresses

Click Next until you reach the Router (Default Gateway) page (Picture 6). In IP address, type, click Add, and then click Next.

Picture 6: Typer default gateway ip address

 Click Next until the wizard finishes, and then click Finish.

Configure a fault tolerant scope

In this step, you will configure a fault tolerant scope. In DHCP Console, under DC01, click IPv4, and then on the Action menu, click Configure Failover (Picture 7). 

Picture 7: Configure failover


Click Next. Click Add Server. Select This authorized DHCP server, click DC02, and then click OK (Picture 8).

Picture 8: Adding second DHCP server.


Click Next, In Shared Secret, type the code, click Next. In the end click Finish and Close. In order to test the failover DHCP server just stop first server and aquire ip address in dhcp client machine from second hot standby dhcp server with command IPConfig /Release and IPConfig /Renew.


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