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Wednesday, 28 November 2012 00:00

Deploy a second domain controller Windows 2012

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In this lab, We will use Server Manager to deploy remote domain controllers to DC03.

Add Active Directory Domain Services

In this step, We will add the Active Directory Domain Services role in remote server which is required before configuring the server as a domain controller. In order to accomplish it, we will go to server manager, manage and then click add roles and features. In the next window will choose the destination server DC03, after we will choose Active Directory Domain Services (Picture 1).

Picture 1: Choose Active Directory Domain Services


Then finish the wizard and install (Picture 2).

Picture 2: Install Active Directory Domain Services.


Deploy a second domain controller

In this step, We will use Server Manager to deploy a second domain controller on a remote server DC03 in our domain. After the Installation we click in notification Flag (Picture 3) and then click Task Details.

Picture 3: Notification flag


Locate the task with the message Configuration required for Active Directory Domain Services at DC03, and then click Promote this server to a domain controller (Picture 4).

Picture 4:Promote this server to a domain controller


In deployment configouration we choose add a new domain controller to an existing domain (Picture 5). We supply the credentials and Next.

Picture 5: Deployment Configuration


In the next screen we specify the domain controller capabilities and site information (complete DSRM Password) and click next  (Picture 6).

Picture 6: Domain Controller Options


 Click next untill We reach review options page. Ath this point we click view script and save it as InstallDC.txt on our desktop. Then we click next and when the prerequisites check completes, click Install to begin installation (Picture 7).

Picture 7: Install to begin installation


All the above procedure to insert additional domain controller, it can be done from powershell with the two following commands (Picture 8,9):

#C:\Install-WindowsFeature –Name AD-Domain-Services –ComputerName DC03

Figure 8: Install Domain Services from PowerShell

#C:\ Invoke-Command –ComputerName Server2 –ScriptBlock {Import-Module ADDSDeployment;Install-ADDSDomainController –NoGlobalCatalog:$False – CreateDNSDelegation:$False –Credential (Get-Credential) – CriticalReplicationOnly:$False –DatabasePath “C:\Windows\NTDS” –DomainName “xxxxxxx” –InstallDNS:$True –LogPath “C:\Windows\NTDS” – NoRebootOnCompletion:$False –SiteName “Default-First-Site-Name” –SysVolPath “C:\Windows\SysVol” }

Picture 9 : Configure Additional Domain Controller from PowerShell

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