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Thursday, 06 December 2012 00:00

Configure Oracle 10g Recovery settings

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In this article we enable the archivelog and flashback in Oracle database 10g. The benefits of archivelog and flashback are:
1. We can able to take database backup online.
2. No Need to Down Oracle DB Server
3. We can better Manage our Backup Policy through RMAN
4. Limited DBA task
5. We can able to recover our database to a specific point-in-time

Enable Archivelog mode and Flasback

In order to configure recovery settings option in oracle 10g, We login to oracle enterprise manager as sys account (Picture 1).

Picture 1: Login as Sys


In the maintenance tab click recovery settings under backup settings (Picture 2).

Picture 2: Click on recovery settings


Then We scroll down to the flash recovery area and check enable flash database (Picture 3) which can be used for fast database point in time recovery. We can also change flashback retention time to 48 hours and flash recovery area size to 3GB



Picture 3: Enable flashback database


Next, We scroll up to the screen and check archivelog mode (Picture 4). We Scroll up again on the top of screen and then we click apply and reboot the database in order to make the changes effective.

Picture 4: Enable archivelog

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