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The article describes how to monitor vmware infrastructure with nagios and centreon . For the installation we using Centos 6.4 server


First we need to Install some Perl dependencies

# yum install perl-CPAN

Download VMWare Perl SDK from the following link (it needs login first)

Then we go to the root directory of linux and install it

# tar xvzf VMware-vSphere-Perl-SDK-5.1.0-780721.x86_64.tar

# cd vmware-vsphere-cli-distrib/

# ./

We follow the default instructions and when the setup finishes download the plugin from the following link:;a=blob;;h=4996301e194ec7966b632811815c14dc3e715cb8;hb=a34fe507ebf78b9dd4fe2ed91c3324d78cee67f8

Then we copy it  to /usr/local/nagios/libexec and make it executable

# cd /usr/local/nagios/libexec

# chmod a+x

In the following picture we can see the net usage graph of esxi host after the iinstallation of services on Nagios


                                                      Picture 1: Esxi net usage