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One of the great features of windows 2012 is volume deduplication. It used for file servers mostly and it is not permitted for c:\ drive.

Install deduplication from Server Manager

The procedure is as follows: From Server manager, add Roles and Features Wizard, under Server Roles, select File and Storage Services (Picture 1)

  Picture 1: File and storage Services

Then select the File Services check box, and then select the Data Deduplication (Picture 2)


Picture 2: Selection of Data Deduplication

next and install it (Picture 3).

Picture 3: Confirm installation selection


 In order to enable  data deduplication by using server manager, go to file and storage service right click in volume E: and configure deduplication (Picture 4)

  Picture 4: Right click in volume E: to configure


When the deduplication settings page appears click to enable data deduplication in days we type 0 in order to see immediate results and if we want to exclude some folders we click add (Picture 5).

Picture 5: Configure deduplication

Install deduplication from PowerShell

To install data deduplication from powershell we open PS and type as shown bellow (Pictures 6,7):

# C:\> Import-Module ServerManager

# C:\> Add-WindowsFeature -name FS-Data-Deduplication

# C:\> Import-Module Deduplication

 Picture 6: Install deduplication from PS


 Picture 7: Install Deduplication from PS


In order to enable from PS run the windows PS command in volume E: (Picture 8)

# C:\> Enable-DedupVolume E:

 Picture 8: Enable from PS

Moreover set the min number of days tha must pass before a file by using the following command: (Picture 9)

# C:\> Set-Dedupvolume E: -MinimumFileAgeDays 0


 Picture 9: Configure from PS